KC123-NormalMNN - scCancer

G-Lab@THU , 2020-03-02 18:15:35

1 Read data

The input samples are:

Sample name #cells after QC
KC1 8980
KC2 4634
KC3 10327

2 Data preprocessing

After the quality control, we perform following preprocessing steps based on some functions of the R package Seurat V3.

3 Cells annotation

3.1 Markers expression profile

Here are the scatter plots colored by the normalized expression of some cell type markers.

Cell Type Markers
T cells (CD4+) PTPRC, CD3D, CD4
T cells (CD8+) PTPRC, CD3D, CD8A, CD8B
B cells PTPRC, CD79A
Myeloid cells PTPRC, LYZ
Endothelial PLVAP
Fibroblast ACTA2
Epithelial EPCAM, KRT8