HOME page

The HOME page mainly exhibits the consistently differential expression landscape of HCC, providing search interfaces and links to show some summarized results. Combing multiple datasets in HCCDB, we identified 1259 consistently differentially expressed genes, with 557 up-regulated and 702 down-regulated. Mapping them onto chromosomes, a consistently differential expression landscape of HCC was depicted on genome.

(1) Red/Blue scatters for consistently up-regulated/down-regulated genes.

(2) Red/Blue bars for the number of up-regulated/down-regulated genes in a specific chromosome.

(3) The full consistently differentially expressed genes list is accessible.

SEARCH page (single gene)

The SEARCH page (single gene) has four major views: 1) summary view; 2) expression pattern view; 3) survival view; and 4) co-expression view.

(1) The summary view provided an overview of the basic knowledge and computation results of the queried gene.

(2) The expression pattern view displayed the patterns in the archived HCC datasets, tissues in GTEx and tumors in TCGA.

(3) The survival view showed the prognosis performance of the queried gene in three datasets with available overall survival.

(4) The co-expression view was designed to show three kinds of co-expression relationships of the queried gene: meta co-expression in HCCs, meta co-expression in adjacent samples, and co-expression in GTEx liver samples.

SEARCH page (multi-gene)

The SEARCH page (multi-gene) is designed to search a specific gene set. Genes that split by ",",";"\t","\n" and " " are all valid. Both Symbol and Entrez ID work. The result is shown in a heatmap. Detailed annotation can be found in the figure subtitle. A slide bar is provided for users to filter the genes satisfying a specific statistic threshold.


(1) DOWNLOAD page offers the raw collection data of HCCDB, including expression, sample and clinical data.

(2) LINK page offers other resources of G-Lab.

(3) HELP page offers a basic instruction of HCCDB usage.

(4) ABOUT page offers a detailed description of HCCDB, especially the method part.